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Yahtzee Rules: How Do You Play Yahtzee?

Game Overview:

Any number of players take turns rolling up to five dice, picking and choosing which of the five to keep and which to reroll in an attempt to create sequences and score points.

Game Setup:

Each player rolls the five dice to determine who goes first (highest total goes first). On your turn you may roll up to three times, and you may pick and choose which dice you wish to reroll after the initial roll. You may interrupt and end your turn at any time before the third roll, but you must fill in a box on your score card: with either a zero, or, if your dice match a specific sequence worth points, you may write that in instead of a zero. You may fill in any single box you wish and use any sequence of dice you wish that are shown on your final roll.
Once one player has finished their turn by marking something on their score card, the next player begins their turn. This continues until all players have filled in all 13 boxes on their score card and a final point tally is taken, with the highest score revealing the winner.


Aces – Add up the value of all dice showing 1
Twos – Add up the value of all dice showing 2
Threes – Add up the value of all dice showing 3
Fours – Add up the value of all dice showing 4
Fives – Add up the value of all dice showing 5
Sixes – Add up the value of all dice showing 6
Players earn an additional 35 point bonus points if they have at least 63 points total in the above categories.

3 of a Kind – Value of three of the same number + add the value of the remaining dice
4 of a Kind – Value of four of the same number + add the value of the remaining die
Full House – Pair + Three of a kind is worth 25 points
Small Straight – Sequence of four dice is worth 30 points
Large Straight- Sequence of five dice is worth 40 points
Yahtzee – Five of the same number is worth 50 points
Chance – Sum total of all five dice

Special Scoring Rules:

If you’ve already scored a Yahtzee you score an additional 100 points for each Yahtzee beyond the first and apply the Joker Rules.
If you zeroed out your Yahtzee then only the Joker Rules apply; you must fill in a slot on your scorecard starting with the upper section first.

Joker Rules:

Joker rules are a special scoring exception for additional Yahtzees that cannot score normally due to the Yahtzee already being zeroed out or scored.
If you have an open space in the upper section of your scorecard (numbers one to six and chance) you add up the total sum of all of the dice. If the upper section is filled in already you must fill in the lower section of your score card as follows:

Three of a kind and four of a kind = sum of all five dice
Full house = 25 points
Small straight = 30 points
Large straight = 40 points

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