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Wheedle Rules

Wheedle is a stock trading game in the same vein as Pit. Designed by Reiner Knizia, Wheedle is a 4 to 6 player game for ages 9 and up. Attempt to gain majority holds in companies by acquiring most of their stock.

Wheedle Card List:
5x Airy Dairies
5x Crusoe’s Cruises
5x Fats Foods
7x Genius Genetics
7x Hard Cell Phones
7x N Securities
7x Perpetual Plastics
9x Big Brother Broadcasting
9x Texas Tea Oil Co.

Playing Wheedle
Choose a dealer, and have a sheet of paper handy for keeping score.
Shuffle all of the cards and place one card face down in the center of the table. Deal the remaining cards to each player as follows:
4 players = 15 cards each
5 players = 12 cards each
6 players = 10 cards each

You may organize your hand, but don’t let any players see your cards, and don’t talk about trades until the game begins. When all players are ready, the dealer flips over the card in the center of the table and play begins.

There are no turns in Wheedle. All players attempt to form trades simultaneously. Say what stocks you are looking for, and what ones your are trying to trade. You’re going to need to be a bit loud.
Trade Rules
Trades don’t have to be equal.
You can trade with any player.
You can offer cards for free, but the other player needs to accept.
Players may “trade” with the center card, swapping the face up card in the center for a card from their hand. The card that is face up in the center when the round is stopped is a bankrupt company, so keep your eye on that card.

Stopping the Game
A player may choose to “Stop” trading when he has a majority of the stock for each company in his hand. You don’t have to stop, though. You can continue playing in an attempt to improve your score.

Points and Penalties
Score +5 points if you stop the round and can prove that you have a majority of the stock for all of the companies represented in your hand.

Score -5 points if you stop the round but DO NOT have a majority of the stock for the companies in your hand.

Score +2 points per stock card if you control all of the stock of a company.

Score +1 point per stock card if you control a majority (but not all) of a companies stock.

Score -1 point per stock card in your hand for the bankrupt company at the center of the table.

Score 0 points for any stock cards in your hand that are not part of a majority or the bankrupt company.

Winning the Game
Play continues until each player has dealt one round. Add all of the points the player scored in each of the rounds. The player with the highest point total is the winner.

You can print free Wheedle score cards from Out of the Box Games.

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