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Watch Ya Mouth Rules: How do you Play Watch Ya Mouth?

Family game night fun will never be the same. Watch Ya Mouth is a new game that throws out traditional boring board games and creates a side-splitting game experience that the whole family will enjoy.

The Watch Ya Mouth Rules

This fun game requires that teams are set up with two individuals each. If there happens to be an odd number of people playing, create one team with three players. There are two roles that each team will have. One is the reader, who will read the phrase and put the mouthpiece in their mouth while the other is the interpreter. The roles in each team will switch up during each round. The reader will become the interpreter and vice versa.

Once, the mouthpiece is in, the reader has 60 seconds to say the phrase and get the interpreter to decipher the exact phrase that’s being said. The other teams may verify the accuracy of the words being said by the reader and repeated by the interpreter. Each correct interpretation earns a point for the team. The cards with the phrases cannot be passed on to the next card as this is reserved only for bonus cards.

Bonus Cards in Watch Ya Mouth Rules

There are bonus cards that are harder than the other cards. They are worth two points thanks to this difficulty. They can be passed on by the reader or the interpreter during their turn if they are too difficult.

Game Play Rounds

There are at least four rounds in each game of Watch Ya Mouth. Each team gets a 60 second period to go through as many cards as possible to earn as many points as they can. Once both teams have a turn, the round is then over. This is repeated three more times during a regular game.

After the rounds are over, the team that has the most points win the game. If there happens to be a tie, a tie-breaking round or rounds should be played until one team has more points than the other.

Gameplay Options

There are two different gameplay options for this game that offer varying degrees of difficulty. In Open Season, the reader can give hints to the other players through making sounds, references, and gestures without using writing or drawing tools. In Legit, the reader is only able to speak the particular phrase and nod their head regarding the player’s guesses.

No matter which Watch Ya Mouth Rules you decide to play, the whole group will have a good time. This zany game takes charades to a whole new level of fun.

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