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Virtual Business Online Games

Running a business via simulation is a thrilling gaming experience. You get the ups and downs of owning a business in a safe, fast-paced setting either for pure fun, or as a learning tool. Clearly defined goals and structured rules provide experience that is applicable to business operation and management without capital risks.

JA Titan

You are a CEO of a large company in the year 2035. Manage six key themes, including product price, advertising, production levels, R & D costs, investing and charitable giving. Scores are based on earnings, market share, growth, supply and demand and productivity. Players compete against one another’s scores, and a winner is crowned at the end of each cycle. A Junior Achievers game, JA Titan seeks to further JA’s mission of educating young people about business and free enterprise.


Virtonomics is an online tycoon game where players strive towards making a profitable business. Perform market research, manage personal, and manage business finances and supply chains in this multi-player online game. The game also offers mining for resources, and in game trades. Meet real life contacts while striving for virtual dominance in this economic simulation.

Industry Player Masters

Become the CEO of a company and fight for market share and stock profitability in the master version of Industry Player. Join business students, corporate-events players and casual players from around the world in this tycoon simulation where prices and market conditions update every 60 seconds. Access the online academy where you can study business concepts and ideas that might help you get your name onto the top of the leader-board.

Industry Player Classic

Industry Player Classic” offers a realistic online business simulation that puts the player in control of a corporation. Players compete against others from around the world, battling for profits and market share in real time. Changes occur in the game to affect the markets, simulating real market conditions. Gain global dominance for your products today

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