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Uno Dice Rules: How Do You Play The Uno Dice Game?

Uno Dice Rules Overview:

A popular, two-player variant of the Uno card game, Uno Dice is a fast-paced race to zero dice. Don’t forget to yell out “Uno!” when you reach that last die, or you will get stuck drawing more, just like in the classic card game. The quick pace and ease of play make this game great for travel or for those times when you just need a quick game fix.


Uno Dice Rules: How Do You Play Uno Dice?

To begin play, each player rolls one of the 11 dice with the highest roll going first. Should you roll a symbol, treat this as a zero or any other agreed upon number prior to rolling the die. Once play order is determined, players each draw five dice from the 11 starting dice. This leaves one dice remaining to start a “dice line.”

Both players roll their five starting dice and then the player who is first rolls the remaining die. Place this single die in the center of the playing area, face up. Player one now must match one of their dice to the die in the “dice line,” either by color or number. Players can also play a “Wild Die” to create a match. If the player is unable to make a match, they take the last die from the “dice line” and then roll all of their dice again. If they have a match this time, they may play it, otherwise, their turn ends.

Play continues in this fashion until one player is out of dice. But don’t forget to say, “Uno!” if you have only one die remaining, or you have to draw two dice from the “dice line” (if there is only one die in the “dice line,” the player draws one from the “dice line” and one from the other player.


Action Dice Rules:

In addition to numbered/colored dice, there are three different action dice in the game: “Draw One,” “Draw Two,” and “Wild.”

The “Draw One” die is indicated by a single cube with a plus above it. The “Draw Two” is indicated by two cubes with a plus above them, and the “Wild” die is indicated by a checkered circle.

Draw One: The “Draw One” die forces the other player to take one die from the “dice line” and miss their next turn. This die can only be played on a matching color or another “Draw One” die.

Draw Two: This functions in the same way as the “Draw One” die, but the opponent must draw two dice from the “dice line.”

Wild: “Wild” dice can be played on any die. You get to select a new color for play to continue.


Scoring in the Uno Dice Game Rules

All numbered dice are worth face value. “Draw One” and “Draw Two” dice are worth 20 points each. “Wild” dice are worth 50 points. Scores are determined from the dice remaining in your opponent’s hand when you go out. The first player to score 200 points is the winner. Alternatively, you can play a set number of rounds to determine a winner.


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