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Twister Rules: How Do You Play Twister?


Twister is a game of balance.

Game type: physical activity

Number of players: 2-4

Suggested age: 6+

Game Pieces

Plastic mat, plastic spinner.

Pregame Setup

Players should remove their shoes and select a referee. The referee is not a player but will be in control of the spinner, call out the moves that are determined by the spinner, and call out faults from the players.

Players take a starting position on the map determined by the number of players in the game:

2 players = players face each other from opposite ends of the mat. Each player places one foot on yellow and one foot on blue.

3 players = two players face each other from opposite ends of the mat with one foot on yellow and another on blue. The third player faces the center by placing two feet on the two center red circles.

4 players = players are split into two teams of two players each. Players start side by side facing the other team with all 4 circles occupied by feet on both sides of the mat. The rules are the same except teammates can share a circle with one hand or foot each.

Playing the Game

the referee spins the wheel and calls out hand or foot and the color that the spinner points to. Each player then attempts to place that part onto an open space for that color. If there are no open spaces then the referee must spin again.

If your foot or hand is already on the color requested, then you must move it to a different open spot of that same color.

If two or more players go for the same spot, then the referee must declare who had reached that spot first and the other player will have to find an open circle of that same color.

You may not remove your hand or foot from any circle without direction from the referee. You may temporarily lift a hand or foot to allow another part to pass through, but you must tell the referee before doing so.

Winning the Game

you win twister by being the last one standing.

Losing the Game

you lose twister by falling or letting a knee or elbow touch the mat. You may also remove yourself if you think you cannot make the new call.

Playing without a referee

2 players can play without a referee by taking turns calling a color and a body part. For example, the first player could call red, the second player would then call foot or hand.

Then the two players swap roles and the second player would call a color and the first player would call hand or foot.

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