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Trivial Pursuit Rules: How Do You Play Trivial Pursuit?


Answer questions in a race against other players to determine who makes the best search engine.

Game type: Trivia

Number of players: 2-6

Suggested age: 8+

Game Pieces

gameboard, 150 adult question cards, 150 children question cards, 2 card holders, 6 tokens, 36 wedges, 1 die

Pregame Setup

Each player places their circular scoring token in the middle of the board.

Shuffle the two decks and place them each into a card holder. Dark blue is trivia for adults (age 14+) while light blue is trivia for kids.

Decide how long a player should be allowed to answer a question.

Decide how accurate a players answer should be.

Roll to determine who plays first.

Playing the Game

At the beginning of your turn roll the die. Move the full amount shown on the die in a single direction. When you reach the space indicated by your roll (by exact count) then a different player draws the top card of the appropriate deck and reads the question that matches the question that matches the color of the space your token landed on.

You may move forward in any direction, but you can never retrace your steps on the same roll. You may move in any direction out of the center. You may occupy the same space as another player.

Answers are on the back of the card.

Players that land on the center square may choose the color they wish the question to be read from. They may not know the questions before choosing the color.

If you answer your question correctly, then you may continue to roll and keep moving around the board. You may continue to roll as long as you keep answering the questions correctly; there is no limit.

If you land on a wedge space and answer that question correctly, then you may add that wedge to your scoring token. If you already have the wedge offered by that space then you treat it as a normal space.

If you answer incorrectly then the turn passes to the left.

Roll again spaces allow you to roll the die again without answering any questions.

Shortcut space allows you to move your scoring token directly to the matching wedge space indicated on the shortcut space. Answer the question to win a wedge and continue rolling from the new space.

Categories: Blue = Geography, Pink = Entertainment, Yellow = History, Purple = Art & Culture, Green = Science & Nature, Orange = Sport & Leisure.

Winning the Game

Once your scoring token is complete you must try to land on the center space where you started by exact count. If you overshoot it you will have to keep trying until you land on it directly and then answer the question correctly. Your opponents decide the category you are to answer from before they look at the card.

If you answer the final question successfully then you win the game. If you fail to answer the final question then you are moved 1 space in any direction off of the center and your turn is over. You must land directly on the center to try again.

If you collect all of the wedges and win the game on your first turn, then any other player that has not had a turn yet may still attempt to win on their first turn to tie the game.

Short Game:

You can shorten the game by allowing a player to win a wedge for any space, but the color must still match the category.

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