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The Logo Board Game Rules

How Do You Play The Logo Board Game?: Logo Board Game Rules

Setup: Remove the board and the question cards and set them on the table. The game has six pawns, and each player should select a pawn and place it at the “START” space. Shuffle the cards and arrange them in the box with their backs showing, that is, the side with the picture. 

Logo Boardgame Play: One of the players becomes the Question Master (QM). They have the responsibility of picking a question card and asking the questions without revealing any of the answers to their team. After each round, the role of the QM shifts to the next player on the left and so on. When playing in groups, the QM comes from the team that is not playing the round.

There are three types of question cards.

Picture cards: Show a picture related to the questions. The QM shall hold out the question card with the picture showing while concealing the answers. 

Theme cards: Theme cards all share a common theme. The QM reads the theme before asking the questions. 

Potluck cards: These are general logo questions. The QM will hold the card out with the POTLUCK side showing. 

Each card has four questions in four colored boxes- PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW, and RED in that order.

How To Play: When it is a player’s turn to play, the QM asks the first question, and the player answers. Each time the player answers the question correctly, they move their pawn to the next available space sharing a color with the color of their question. 

According to the Logo Board Game rules, for example, when a player answers the PURPLE question correctly, they place their pawn in the next available purple space on the board. The QM asks the player the following questions (in their original order), and if the player answers correctly, they can move their pawn to the next matching space. 

When the player answers all questions, including the RED one, the QM places the card aside, marking the end of a round. A new QM on the left takes over for the next round.

If the player answers incorrectly, the QM asks the question to the next available player on the left. If that next player answers correctly, they move their pawn to the next space that matches the question color. The QM then proceeds to ask this player the remaining questions.

If the next player answers incorrectly, the QM asks the question to the next available player on the left. If no one answers correctly, the Logo Board Game rules require that the QM announces the answer and goes back to the original player to ask the remaining questions.

Winning: The winning zone is at the center of the board. To get there, a player should answer questions correctly and move their pawn forward following the circular arrangement of the colored spaces. When there are no more colored spaces matching the question color, the player enters the winning zone. Once a person or team gets to the winning zone, they must correctly answer two consecutive questions or answer the RED question to win. For example, if a player joins the winning zone with a PURPLE question, they must answer GREEN and YELLOW questions correctly. If the player joins the winning zone with the YELLOW question, they must answer the RED question correctly to win.

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