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Terraforming Mars Rules, Instructions, Directions

Terraforming Mars Rules: 

Official Terraforming Mars Rules PDF


In the 2400s, mankind begins the process of making Mars habitable through terraforming. Giant corporations sponsored by Earth’s one world government compete to alter the temperature, the oxygen level, and the ocean levels to make the planet hospitable to human life. While each corporation works alongside the others, players compete for victory points for fulfilling certain conditions, advancing infrastructure, and completing the terraforming itself. From a pool of over 200 unique project cards, players purchase tasks to be completed on the red planet and gain points and resources as these projects are accomplished. Players continue the terraforming process through successive generations until the terraforming is complete and the game ends. The corporation with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.

The game uses six resources that are required to complete and purchase the various project cards available. These resources include heat, energy, plants, titanium, steel, and megacredits. Careful management of resources is required for you to advance your terraforming objectives. The game is an economic territory building game that requires hand management, card drafting, set collection, and tile placement. The game is intended for 1-5 players, takes 120 minutes to complete, and is recommended for players age 12 and up. The science fiction theme is sure to delight lovers of otherworldly stories and games. This game is ranked the fourth best game overall according to


1x Terraforming Mars Rules Booklet
1x Game Board
5x Player Boards
17x Corporation Cards
208x Project Cards
8x Reference Cards
200x Player Markers
200x Resource Markers
3x Game Board Markers
9x Ocean Tiles
60x Greenery/City Tiles
11x Special Tiles
1x First Player Tile


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