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Terra Mystica Rules, Instructions, Directions


You are one of 14 races dwelling in one of the seven unique landscapes of Terra Mystica. All is not rainbows and peace-pops, though. You are battling for control of the land, terraforming landscapes so that they are inhabitable by your peoples. Four cults also abound in the world that provides the opportunity for religious development of your civilization. Compete with all other races to expand your territory and become the dominant group on Terra Mystica.

Little luck is involved in this game of careful strategic planning.  Resource management, however, is key. Build up your territories with different types of buildings, all of which serve different functions and can be upgraded for greater efficiency. Earn money, employ workers, develop your religion, terraforming, and seafaring skills to help you better conquer the land.


  • 1x Terra Mystica Rules
  • 1x Gameboard
  • 1x Cult board
  • 7x Faction boards
  • 56x Terrain tiles
  • 65x Worker cubes
  • 65x purple Power token
  • 40x small coins
  • 25x medium coins
  • 20x big coins
  • 5x “100 Victory Points” tokens
  • 1x Starting Player token
  • 1x Game End token
  • 17x Action tokens
  • 28x Favor tiles
  • 8x Dwellings
  • 4x Trading Houses
  • 1x Stronghold
  • 3x Temples
  • 1x Sanctuary
  • 7x Priests
  • 7x Markers
  • 3x Bridges
  • 10x Town tiles
  • 8x rectangular Scoring tiles
  • 9x Bonus cards
  • 5x Action Overview tiles

Terra Mystica Rules:

Find the Terra Mystica rules in pdf format in the link below.

Terra Mystica Rules


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