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Spy Alley Rules

Spy Alley Rules

Spy Alley is a strategy spy board game in which players try and discover each player’s secret identity.


Each player receives $10 multiplied by the number of players in the game.

Each player receives one playing piece and one scorecard.

Every player puts their playing piece on the starting space. 

One player shuffles the spy I.D cards and each player picks one out at random. The remaining cards are then put back in the box without the players getting a look.

Every player gets to look at their spy I.D card and discover their secret identity without telling the other players.

One player shuffles the “move” and “gift” cards separately. Players then draw a card from each pile.

Each player rolls the die with high-roll going first. 

Playing the Game

On each player’s turn,  they roll the dice,  and they move the pieces clockwise on the spaces based on what they roll. Based on the space they land on; the player will take action.

The aim of the game is to gain the password, disguise, code book and key of the country to which their secret identity belongs.

Tip: Since every player can see what other players have gained, players should collect items from other countries to prevent other players from finding out their identity. 

Spy Alley Rules (Spaces)

Black Market: if a player lands here, Spy Alley rules state that they can buy one item of their choice for the price stated on the card.

Border Crossing: a player must pay $5 to the bank, and if they can’t, they must enter spy alley.

Code Books: you can buy as many code books as you want for $15 each.

Collect $20 and Collect $10: collect the corresponding amount if you land on these spaces.

Confiscate materials: a player can confiscate one item from another player when they land on this space. However, if they do so, they pay the other player the value of the confiscated item.

Disguises: any player can buy as many disguises as they want for $5 each.

Embassy Spaces: a player has to first collect all the items for their secret identity or the embassy spaces mean nothing according to spy alley rules. Once all items have been collected, players win the game by landing on this space.

Free Gift: you pick the top card from the gift pile. The player reads the card and picks the stated item if they don’t own it already. If the wild card is drawn, the player can keep the card secret till the end, bluffing that it could be anything. 

Keys: buy as many keys as you desire for $30 each.

Move Card: move the number of spaces on the card instead of rolling the die.

Passwords: buy the password corresponding to the space.

Spy Alley entrance: player must enter spy alley by landing on this space.

Spy Eliminator: player can guess the identity of all other players with no repercussions.

Ending the Game

The game ends when only one player’s identity has not been revealed or if a player collects all elements of their secret identity and lands on their embassy. 

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