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Spontuneous Rules: How do you Play the Spontuneous Board Game?

Spontuneous Rules Set:

Gameplay Summary: Each player creates a Hitlist of words from song lyrics in an attempt to stump their competitors. Starting with the first active player (Tunesmith), one person names a word from their list and the others must quickly burst into song with a lyric containing the word. Whoever is first to sing a correct lyric advances on the board. If everyone is stumped, the active player must sing a lyric in order to advance. First player to the finish, wins!

Basic Rules:

1. Think of a song, then pick a word from a lyric in the song and write it down on your Hitlist. This list of words are your Trigger Words. You want to try to stump your competitors, so dig deep in your musical memory to pull up obscure and interesting words. Anything too common will be easy for others to match to songs. (For example, how many songs can you think of that use the word “love” or “baby”? Right, a lot. But how many songs can you think of use the word “luster” or “shimmer”? Probably not as many.)

2. Once everyone has their Trigger Words on their Hitlist, the game starts.

3. Choose the first player (Tunesmith), by flipping a coin, rolling dice, or having a hit-the-high-note competition. The first Tunesmith begins play by flipping over the 15 second timer and calling out a Trigger Word from their Hitlist. This is when the musical magic happens!

4. All the other players must compete to be the first to sing a lyric containing the Trigger Word. Sing it loud and confidently! The lyric must be at least 5 words long, and it must be sung (as close to in-tune as possible). The song a player sings may not be the same song the original Tunesmith had in mind when they wrote the Trigger Word, but as long as it’s a real song (meaning the player didn’t just make it up on the spot) it doesn’t matter, the singing player gets the round.

5. The first player to begin singing a lyric with the Trigger Word before the time expires rolls both dice and moves that number of spaces on the treble clef board. He or she may regale the others with a short song of victory, if desired.

6. If time runs out before any players can come up with a song, the Tunesmith must prove that he or she knows a song with the Trigger Word by singing at least a 5 word lyric containing the word.

7. If the Tunesmith proves their musical prowess, that person rolls both dice and advances on the board. If they were bluffing, and can’t sing a lyric with the Trigger Word, then he or she must roll both dice and move backwards on the board. The unsuccessful Tunesmith may wish to express their woe with a dirge of misery as they regress on the treble clef.

8. The player to the left of the first Tunesmith becomes the next Tunesmith who tries to stump the other players with one of their Trigger Words. The Tunesmith position moves around the group in a counter-clockwise rotation.

9. Anytime a player lands on a music note on the treble clef, they must draw a Spontuneous Card and complete the challenge.

10. The winner is the first player to move their piece onto the finish space of the treble clef. Celebrate! For the winner is truly the Master of Song!

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