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Snakes and Ladders Rules: How do you Play Snakes and Ladders?

Setup: The Snakes and Ladders rules dictate that at least two players play at one go. The game has got one hundred squares. The players start at the first square, and they have to maneuver through snakes and ladders to get to the 100th square. 

There should be at least one dice for the snakes and ladders board game and one pawn per player. 

Snake and ladders rules: The players each roll six-sided dice. The player with the highest roll gets to be player one, and the player with the least score becomes the last player. 

The game starts on the left, and each successive roll enables a player to move his/her piece to the right. Ultimately, the game is won when the first player’s piece gets to level 100, which is on the right.

Your turn: Each player has a turn. They roll the dice and move the number of squares scored in the roll. According to the Snake and Ladders rules, when a player lands on a snake, he/she must go back to the tail of the snake. In comparison, the ladder acts as a shortcut. 

Snake and Ladders rules are enthralling. Another twist is when you roll a dice and land at the tail of the snake, you will stay in the same spot. Equally, when you land at the top of the ladder, you will not climb down.

Roll twice: Snakes and Ladders rules occasionally award a player two turns. If you roll the dice and are lucky enough to get six, you will be given an opportunity to roll the dice again. The opportunity to keep rolling the dice will continue until the streak runs out.

Bounce back: To win the game, Snake and Ladders rules require a player to roll the dice and get the exact steps needed to win the game. Say if you are left with two spots, then your dice roll must indicate 2. If you get six, you will move two places to 100 and be forced to move back four steps to 96.

Winning Snakes and Ladders: According to the Snakes and Ladders rules, the first player that successfully gets to the 100th square wins the game.

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