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Smart Ass Card Game Rules: How Do You Play The Smart Ass Card Game?


Guess who, where, or what in the card game that even a dumb ass can win!

Game type: Verbal, competitive, cards

Number of players: 2+

Suggested age: 12+

Game Pieces

104 question cards.

Pregame Setup

Shuffle all of the cards together. Blue is “What am I?”, Green is “Where am I?”, Orange is “Who am I?”, and red is “Hard ass.”

Oldest player is first and becomes the “reader.”

Playing the Game

The reader draws the first card and reads it out loud. The blue, green, and orange cards all have 10 clues. Red “hard ass” cards are open-ended trivia. All of the”hard ass” questions at the top of the card must be asked before the bottom questions can be asked.

The reader is to read off each clue in order, or simply read the trivia question from a hard ass card. The other players are to guess the answer the clues elude to. Each player gets only 1 guess but may guess whenever they want and do not have to wait for the reader to finish reading.

If no player guesses the correct answer then the reader wins the round.

The winner of that round then places the card they answered correctly in front of them to keep score.

If there is a dispute about who answered correctly first then the reader decides who was first. If the reader cannot decide then the reader selects a tie-breaker question from the next hard ass card. Only the tied players may answer. The player that says the correct answer first then takes the first question card and places it in front of them. The second “tie-breaker” card is discarded.

Winning the Game

The first player to collect 4 answer cards becomes the ultimate ass and wins the game.

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