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Skip Bo Junior Rules: How Do You Play Skip Bo Jr?


Skip-Bo Junior is a card game in which you attempt to defeat up to 3 other players by being the first player to play all of their cards from their own “STOCK pile”.

Game type: cards, vs

Number of players: 2-4

Suggested age: 5+

Game Pieces

96 cards (8 sets of numbered cards 1 through 10 and 16 skip-bo “?” wildcards)

Pregame Setup

Oldest player is dealer and deals 10 cards to each player face down which will form each players stockpile. Each player must always turn over the top card on their stockpile without viewing any other cards in the stockpile.

3 cards are dealt face-up to each player to form their “HAND”.

Prepare space for 4 “BUILDING piles” in the center of the play area.

The youngest player goes first.

Playing the Game

Each player is dealt 3 additional cards after their first turn that will be added to their hand. The 3 cards must be placed over the top of the previous cards, if any were left, forming up to 3 stacks. The top card(s) on the pile in your hand must be played before any cards under it can be played.

Players may play cards from their hand or from the top of their stockpile to start or add onto the 4 building piles in the center of the play area. Players must make as many plays during their turn as they are able, but should prioritize using the cards from the top of their stockpile. When you play a card from you stockpile you must turn over the next card from your stockpile. Players must continue to play cards from the top of their own stockpile as they are able.

Building piles must be built sequentially, starting at 1 and ending at 10. Once a pile has been built it is discarded and a new one can be started again at 1. Players may use any or all building piles in any order they wish.

Players may use any wild card in the place of any number.

The turn will pass to the left when you have run out of plays to make.

If the dealer runs out of cards then shuffle the discard pile back into the draw pile.

Winning the Game

the first player to deplete their entire stockpile first wins the game. Players do not need to deplete their hands.

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