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Scythe Rules, Instructions, Directions


The first World War has wreaked havoc on Europa in this alternate history board game.  A futuristic, capitalistic city-state, The Factory, has supplied weaponized mechs for the Great War. But now, they shutter their doors, and the surrounding territory is up for grabs. You, of course, want to grab it. Each player represents a different, Eastern European faction vying for dominance of the land surrounding The Factory. Players start with different resources (coins, combat ability, charisma/popularity, power) in fixed locations around the map. The starting positions for the factions are static. Each player also starts with one hidden goal, their objective throughout the game.

Luck is a very small factor in Scythe, with the only random elements being the individual objectives dealt at the beginning of the game and the various encounters with the population of the area surrounding The Factory. Combat, too, is driven by player choice, not luck.

Scythe is an engine-building game where players upgrade their empire, increasing the efficiency of each element. Build structures, recruit troops that add different abilities and actions, secure their borders with mechanized vehicles, and expanding their territory to reap more resources.

Scythe is designed for 1-5 players age 14 and up. Playtime will take 90-115 minutes per session.


  • 2x rulebooks (Scythe rules & Automa rules)
  • 1x quick-reference guide
  • 1x achievement sheet
  • 1x game board
  • 5x Player Mats
  • 80x wooden resource tokens
  • 80x coins
  • 8x multiplier tokens
  • 11x encounter tokens
  • 6x structure bonus tiles
  • 42x combat cards
  • 23x objective cards
  • 28x encounter cards
  • 12x Factory cards
  • 2x power dials
  • 5x Riverwalk cards
  • 5x quick-start cards
  • 31x Automa cards
  • 20x mech miniatures
  • 5x character miniatures
  • 5x Faction Mats
  • 5x action tokens
  • 5x popularity tokens
  • 5x power tokens
  • 30x star tokens
  • 20x structure tokens
  • 20x recruit tokens
  • 40x worker tokens
  • 30x technology cubes

Official Scythe Rules:

You can download the official Scythe rules at the following link: Rules.pdf.


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