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Scattergories Junior Rules: How do you Play Scattergories Junior?

Scattergories Junior is a game played to see what item names you can come up with when given a certain category. The trick is that items must start with the same key letter. Scattergories Junior rules say that a game consists of two rounds and you get points for coming up with answers that no one else writes down.

The letter everyone uses for the round is determined by the roll of the 20-sided die. The die also contains a STAR (called the Wild Star). When the star comes up the person who rolled it can choose any letter they want for that round of the game.

The game is made for 2 to 4 players with a suggested age of 8 to 11 years-old. However, adults also love this game.

In the Box

In the box your will find twelve category cards, a 20-sided die, a board used to roll the die on, two answer pads, a timer; and four pencils, clips and folders. To get ready to play, simply assemble the folders.

Let’s Play

Players take a pencil and folder that has the same “List #” inserted in the folder. You start by having one player roll the die. The letter rolled is the key letter used for the first round. The “die-roller” calls out the letter or calls “Wild Star”, if the star comes up, and chooses a letter for the round. Next you turn the timer upside-down and everyone starts filling out the first section of the answer sheet in their folder.

REMEMBER: You must write a word that starts with the letter on the die, and it needs to be related to the category on the list.

ALTERNATE ANSWERS: The official Scattergories Junior rules do allow you to write a word associated with the list subject, that starts with something else other than the key letter if you can’t think of anything else. You won’t get the same number of points for it though, and you might want vote as a group before hand to see if everyone wants to do this.

STOP: When the timer runs out everyone stops. If you all need more time, you can agree as a group to turn the timer over one more time.


Everyone reads the list they came up with to each other and you check off the ones that are alike.  If no one else has your word, you mark a 2 by the word and circle it. (If you agreed to accept words starting with alternate letters, those score 1-point.) Everyone then adds up their points and writes it at the top of the sheet.

Round Two

Roll a new letter, use the same category, turn over the timer, write your answers, and stop when ‘time’s up.’ (If the same letter you used before comes up, roll again.)

Who is the Winner?

Now it is time for each player to add up their score for the two rounds. The player with the highest score WINS.

We Tied

Scattergories Junior rules say that if there is a tie you have the players who tied play one more round against each other with a new letter. Go through the same process and the one with the highest score in the round wins.

Let’s Play Again

If you want to play another game, simply clip a new answer sheet in your folder with a new category sheet. Make sure everyone has the same category sheet and begin.

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