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Sorry! Card Revenge Rules: How Do You Play Sorry! Card Revenge?

How To Play Sorry! Card Revenge

If you’re a fan of Sorry!, you’ll love learning how to play Sorry Card Revenge! Think of this as a crash course – you’ll catch on quickly, guaranteed.

First, “Say hello to my little friend” – the Big Red Pawn. He’ll actually talk throughout the game, and he can be quite a pill – let’s nickname him BRP for short. Tip for you – probably wise to replace the 3 AAA batteries inside the BRP the first time you play.

Place the BRP in the center of the game board. Each player takes a Home Board and four Sorry! pawns, all the same color. Put your Home Board in front of you, with your 4 pawns beside it..

Set the 4 Quick Rules cards aside for reference during game play. Thoroughly shuffle the remaining cards, then deal 5 cards, facedown, to each player. The rest of the deck goes facedown next to the BRP, creating the draw deck. Turn the top card faceup, then place it next to the draw deck to begin the discard pile.

Slide the BRP’s switch to ON so he can introduce the game. Then he’ll say, “tap the noggin” (meaning push down on his head) when you’re ready to begin.. After his head tap, he’ll tell you who plays first. WARNING: BRP is far from a well-mannered, polite little game piece. You might come to think of him as a rude but funny little bald, red comic – kinda like Don Rickles, Lisa Lampanelli or any other worth their salt insult comedian. Sorta like playing a board game at a Celebrity Roast – relax & laugh it up – it’s all in good fun!

Each turn, you’ll do one of two things: 1) Play one of more of your cards on the top card of the discard pile (if you CAN do this, then you MUST) or 2) If unable to play any cards, tap the BRP on the head, and he’ll tell you what to do. (Boy, will he ever!) He’s your best pal, though, when it comes to learning how to play Sorry Card Revenge, so listen up!

If you can play one or more cards, there are 3 ways in which you can do so: a) Play a matching color card; b) play one ore more cards in numerical sequence, or c) Play one Wild Card (after doing this, you may be able to play other cards)

FYI – there are several Special Cards in the deck – Slide cards, Safety Zone Cards and Sorry Cards. Each has a unique function and all can save your bacon to keep you in the game when played strategically well. There’s also a Quick Play variation, as well as a few other rules to help you finesse your skill as you master how to play Sorry Card Revenge.

Hey – It may not be brain surgery, but it IS tremendous fun, and with the BRP leading you through it, you’ll pick it up as easy as 1, 2,3! Enjoy – we promise you won’t be Sorry!

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