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Pop The Pig Rules, Instructions, Directions

pop the pig rules
Read the Pop the Pig rules below.

Pop the Pig Rules Overview: Feed the pig juicy hamburgers until he just can’t take it anymore. He goes “Pop!” when he’s had one too many, busting his pants to his embarrassment and your delight.

Contents: 1x pig, 4x purple hamburgers, 4x red hamburgers, 4x yellow hamburgers,4x green hamburgers, 1 die, instruction manual

Pop the Pig Setup:

  • Open the door on the back of the pig. Remove all of the hamburgers inside of the pig and set them on the playing surface face down.
  • Twist the pig’s tail to the left. This will deflate his belly, preparing him to gorge on hamburgers.  
  • Push down the pig’s hands until they click/lock into place.
  • Close the vest and belt, locking them in place.
  • Follow these steps anytime you begin a new round.

Pop the Pig Rules / How To Play Pop the Pig:

The youngest player begins the game by rolling the die. If the die shows a single color, the player picks up a burger of that color. If the die shows all four colors, the player picks a burger of any color. If the die shows a cross, the player skips their turn, and play passes to the right.

Once the burger has been selected, the player flips it over, revealing a number from one through four. This number indicates the number of times the pig must chew his food. Insert the hamburger into the pig’s mouth, and press his head down (make him chew) the number of times indicated on the back of the hamburger. Play then continues to the right.

Winning the Game:

Inside of the pig’s belly is a balloon that is pumped when you press it’s head down to make it chew the hamburgers. Eventually, the belly-balloon will inflate enough to burst the pig’s pants. The player who causes this to happen wins the game.

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