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Pie Face Rules, Instructions, Directions

Pie Face Rules Overview:

A simple, silly game where players compete to not get slapped in the face with a whipped-cream pie. Expect to laugh when you play this with your family and friends.

pie face rules

SPLAT! Read the Pie Face rules below.

Pie Face Set Up: 

    1. Assemble the Pie Face unit.
    2. Load the “throwing arm” by pressing down on it until it clicks into place.
    3. Spray whipped cream onto the “throwing arm.”
    4. Begin the game.

Pie Face Rules:

The youngest player begins the game by spinning the spinner. The number on the spinner equals the number of times that player will be required to crank the handle on the Pie Face game unit. When ready, the player places their chin onto the chin rest with their face protruding through the plastic mask. They then crank the handle the number of times on the spinner.

If the player completes the round without getting pie-faced, they score double the points indicated on the spinner. (A spin of “2” would equal 4 points). If the player gets pie-faced, they score zero points for the round. Play continues in this fashion.

The first player to 25 points is the winner.

Note–players may elect to turn the handle fewer times than they spin. Before cranking the handle, the player announces how many times they will crank the handle. If they choose to crank the handle less than they spun, they receive one point per successful crank and do not score double points.

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