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Perquackey Game Rules

So what if you can’t say it, you own Perquackey and you want to play it. I don’t blame you. I enjoy fast paced word games like Boggle, and judging from the picture on the box, this game is in a similar vein. But enough guesswork. Let’s get on with the rules.

Perquackey Rules

Perquackey is designed for 2 or more players, ages 7 and up. For larger groups, you can play on teams.
Choose a player to go first. The official rules recommend that each player roll the red (vulnerable) die. The player who gets the letter closest to “A” goes first.

The first player fills the dice cup with the 10 black (nonvulnerable) dice and rolls. The player then arranges and rearranges the dice on the table to form words. When a word is formed, it musts be formed, pronounced, and spelled out. One player not currently playing must write down the formed words for the player whose turn it is. Words must be at least 3 letters in length, and only five words of the same length may be used. For example: five three letter words, five four letter words, five five letter words, etc..

If you are playing with a partner, your partner may suggest words after you have maxed out on 3 and 4 letter words. “Suggest” means they may say the word, but not actually spell it or show you the location of the letters on the dice. If a word is suggested illegally, any other teams are awarded 300 points.

Adding the Red (Vulnerable) Dice

Once a player or team has reached a score of 2000 points, that player or team is vulnerable. Add the three red dice to your dice cup on every roll. When vulnerable, you must score at least 500 points in a throw, or you will lose 500 points and the points earned for the round will not count. Additionally, no 3 letter words may be used.


Please see the image with the score table. In addition to the scores listed in the score table, you score bonus points for completing pairs of word groups.

Score Table from Perquackey Rules

3 and 4 letter word group bonus= 300 points
4 and 5 letter word group bonus= 500 points
5 and 6 letter word group bonus= 800 points
6 and 7 letter word group bonus= 1200 points
7 and 8 letter word group bonus= 1850 points

You can score a bonus on overlapping groups. For example, if you maxed out three, four, and five letter word groups, you would receive a 300 point bonus and a 500 point bonus.

The winner is declared when a player reaches 5000 points.

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