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Pandemic Legacy Rules, Instructions, Directions

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Overview: 

Four plagues are running rampant, and it is your job to attempt to control and cure them with your team of disease-fighting specialists. Choose from specialists with various abilities that make them unique additions to the fight against disease outbreaks. While much of the gameplay remains the same as in classic Pandemic, the legacy version of the game offers extended campaigns ranging from 12-24 sessions. As the game progresses, permanent changes are made to the game components or characters, affecting future play. Some of these changes include adding stickers to alter a component, writing on cards, destroying cards, or modifying the nature or availability of a specific character.


Pandemic Legacy Gameplay: 

Play extends through multiple sessions in this campaign variant. Players engage in various actions altering the state of the game. Actions include travel, building research centers, treating disease, trading with other players,  and curing diseases. Cards, drawn at the end of each turn, enable many of these actions.


Pandemic Legacy Contents: 

5x Character Cards

4x Pawns

61x Player Cards

4x Reference Cards

48x Infection Cards

62x Legacy Cards

4x Civilian Cards

5x Dossiers

1x Sticker Sheet

4x Cure Markers

1x Infection Rate Markers

1x Outbreak Marker

1x Reminder Token

96x Disease Cubes

6x Research Stations

1x Board

1x Package box with 8 numbered packages

1x Pandemic Legacy Rules

1x Pen is needed but not included.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Rules

You will find the official Pandemic Legacy rules at the link below.

Pandemic Legacy Rules (Season 1)

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