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Superfight Rules: How Do You Play Super Fight?

Superfight Rules: How Do You Play Superfight?

Setup: According to Superfight rules, separate the character cards (white) from the attribute cards (black).

Shuffle both decks and place them face down in the middle of the table.

Superfight Game Play: Pick one player as the Referee of the first round.

All the players draw five black and three white cards.

The ref creates everyone’s opponent by drawing two black and one white card from the attributes and characters decks and placing them face up on the table.

To create a fighter to counter the opponent, each player chooses a single white and black card from their hand.

The ref will choose which direction the play will follow, either right or left. Everyone will pick a black card from the player next to them, in the order directed by the ref, but they will skip the ref. That is a chance to get rid of undesirable black cards.

The ref will then choose who has the best chance against the opponent, and that fighter will take the ref’s white card as a trophy. Each player then reveals their fighter by placing their cards face up on the table.

Everyone will argue about why the others lost and how much they deserve to win. Ensure everyone has three white and five black cards on hand always.

Under Superfight rules, if players don’t want to keep score, they don’t have to. They can draw new cards if two cards conflict or they can’t beat the Referee’s opponent.

Winning Basic Rules Superfight: Award the trophy to the player who wins a round. Whoever gathers the most trophies wins.

Duplicate One Opponent Attribute Card: It means just that; a player can duplicate an opponent’s attribute card.

Play An Extra Attribute Card From Top Of Deck Card: The player can play two attributes on their player by placing the card next to their fighter on the table.

Tag Team With Card: Superfight rules allow a player to introduce a new fighter by playing a second set (one white, two black cards) to join the fight, but they can only play one fighter at a time.

Draw Character With New Attributes As Sidekick Card: a participant can play this card and draw a new player (one white and two black cards) who acts as a sidekick. For instance, when the player draws a black card, they can decide whether to gift the new card to the main character or sidekick.

Force Opponent To Swap One Attribute Card: A player can force an opponent to swap attributes with them, but that person keeps their attribute against the other players.

Eliminate all attributes in this fight: Playing this card nullifies all the black cards of all players, including the ref’s except the “top half is,” “tag team,” “bottom half is,” and “sidekick cards.” Everyone only fights with what they have on their white cards.

Alternative Rules: Everyone draws three white cards and five black cards. They choose the first player at random.

That player uses one white and one black card from their hand to play the strongest character, then draw a single black card from the deck to add to that character.

The player to the left plays one white and black card, attempting to beat the previous character. But, they must draw a black card from the deck, which may hurt or help their fighter.

The table then decides who will likely win the fight. After each round, the winner becomes the target for the next player to the left. Award points to the creator of the winning fighter in each match.

Winning Alternative Rules Superfight: This mode pits the entire group against one another as they argue to decide who wins each match. All players decide who wins the game.

For Serious People:For a more challenging game, eliminate all “weak” cards as the players view them. Players then create their fighters by playing one white and two black cards. Don’t play cards on opponents’ Fighters.

Villain Battle: The “least liked person” starts by creating a villain (drawing one white and black card) from the deck and placing them face up in the center of the table. Everyone plays one black and one white card to try to defeat the Villain, starting with the player to the left. Each player can add a random card from their hand to an opponent, including the Villain. The Villain picks who wins the battle.

Gladiators Fights: No Refs here. Everyone creates their player and everyone votes to see who wins. Under this mode, Superfight rules allow players to choose black cards from a hand or draw them randomly.

Pacifists: Let the imagination go wild and choose a favorite performer based on whichever criteria players like, be it the funniest or the best construction worker or babysitter. The ref determines the criteria for selecting a winner in each round.