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Never Have I Ever Rules: How do you Play Never Have I Ever?

Rules are quite straightforward and this is an excellent game, and it can be played by almost anybody. It is a verbal game, hence no props, boards, cards or equipment of any kind. The game can be played by any number of players from two upward. It is an adult drinking game and the adult version is described here. It is an excellent game for parties or ice breakers.

Never Have I Ever Rules

According to Never Have I Ever Rules suggests that you gather up your willing players and form them into a semi-circle. This is done so all players can see one another easily. The game can take awhile, so it is best if players are comfortably seated.

How to Play

The game is started by choosing someone to begin either from the right of the semi-circle or from the left. The next player is whoever is sat next to the first player and so on around the semi-circle. All players must have a drink to hand. The first player will stand from his or her seat and make a statement loud enough to be heard by the other players. The statement will begin with “Never have I ever,” and followed with something like “kissed a girl.”

Never Have I Ever Rules state at this stage of the game anybody in the semi-circle must take a sip from their drink. One starts by showing to the other player five fingers from one hand. Each time a player takes a drink, they must put one finger down. Quite simply the last player with any fingers up wins the game.

Never Have I Ever Rules number 1, says the game relies on perfect honesty and the player who makes a statement must be truthful and have never ever done whatever it is they have said.

Never Have I Ever Rules number 2, No lying is allowed the player must take a drink and put down a finger if they have done the deed.

Never Have I Ever Rules number 3, it is not allowed to pick players out by making statements you know are true about them. The object of the game is to try to find things out about the people you don’t know. This aspect will make the game both fun and exciting for all players.

Never Have I Ever Rules number 4, should there be just one player who has done what the player has stated they have never done, then that player must stand and give a detailed story about what happened to them.

Evil tip

If playing with a mixed sex group you can be frivolous and state things like “Never have I ever grown a beard” or “worn make-up” to make sure the other gender drinks.

Practice Online

If you are timid or want to see the game played before inviting your friends, you can play anonymously online and see how you fair with other people without embarrassment.

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