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Name 5 Rules, Directions, Instructions

Read the Name 5 rules below.

Read the Name 5 rules below.

Name 5 Overview:

The Name 5 rules are simple to follow. Players race around a board, all trying to reach the “Name 5” space, giving five answers to trivia questions along the way.

Game Contents:

288x Name 5 cards
1x Game Board
1x Die
4x Tokens
1x 30-Second Timer
1x Instructions (But you’ve lost yours!)

Name 5 Rules: 

  • Shuffle the deck and divide it into two piles, placing one pile in front of each team.
  • Choose a token to represent your team on the game board.
  • The team with the youngest player goes first. Roll the dice and move your token the corresponding number of spaces on the game board.
  • One member of the team draws a card and reads the “Name 5” challenge topic that corresponds to the color of the square they have landed on the game board. That player then flips the timer and the team has 30 seconds to name five things that fulfill the question on the card. If the team can successfully “Name 5,” they take another turn, repeating the above process.
  • A team that has five successful rolls/answers ends their turn. You may not have more than five turns in “Name 5.”

Winning the Game: 

According to the Name 5 rules, to win the game, players must have an exact roll into the “Name 5” space at the center of the board. If a roll is over the amount needed to enter the “Name 5” square, do not move your token. Instead, draw a card and answer the “Name 5” question corresponding to your color on the board. If you successfully complete the challenge, roll again to try and enter the “Name 5” square. This process can be repeated up to five times as long as the team successfully completes the challenge. After the fifth try, end your turn.

When you successfully roll the number needed to enter the “Name 5” square, the Name 5 rules require you to answer all of the questions on the drawn card in 90 seconds (flip timer over twice). If your team completes the challenge, they win the game. Otherwise, play returns to the opposing team, and you will have a chance to repeat the process on your next turn, having already landed on the “Name 5” square.

Name 5 Special Square Rules: 

All Play–The “All Play” square is represented by arrows with two colors beneath them. When a player lands on this square, select one of the colors for your team before looking at the card. Each team draws a card and tries to “Name 5” things associated with the question on their color. The first team to complete the challenge takes the next turn.

If neither turn completes the challenge, repeat the process with a new card.

Flip Flop–The “Flip Flop” square is represented by a pair of flip-flops. When you land on a flip-flop square, draw a card and read the “Name 5” category corresponding to the color of the space on the board. Your team then provides one answer to the question. Then the other team must provide an answer to the question. This flip-flopping continues until one team is unable to answer the question, causing them to lose the round.

If you win a flip-flop round, roll the dice and move your token the number of spaces rolled. Do not draw the card. Instead, you take the next turn. Roll again, with play continuing as normal.

Wild–The “Wild” square functions like a normal square, except you can choose any of the categories on the drawn card for the round. If you successfully name 5 things for your selected category, you take another turn. Otherwise, the other team takes their turn and play continues as normal.

Double Down–The “Double Down” square is represented by playing cards and casino chips. When you land on this square, read all of the categories on the card drawn for the turn. Select two of the categories and attempt to name 5 things for each of the selected categories in 30 seconds. If your team is successful, roll the die and move your token double the number rolled.


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