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MTG/MTGO Standard Rogue Report Green/White Aggro Budget 4-0 Deck M13 with DGM

Budget Standard Tourney Deck:

There was an exciting deck played by Agnara in the 6/5/13 standard daily that is both roguish and budget friendly. It’s an aggro deck that is a bit of a variation on the Blue/White/Green hexproof/enchant aggro that has been floating around, and it looks like a fun, inexpensive deck to construct.

Here’s the list:  

Main Deck:

2 [mtg_card]Forest[/mtg_card]
5 [mtg_card]Plains[/mtg_card]
1 [mtg_card]Rootbound Crag[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Slayers’ Stronghold[/mtg_card]
3 [mtg_card]Stomping Ground[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Sunpetal Grove[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Temple Garden[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Brushstrider[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Elite Inquisitor[/mtg_card]
3 [mtg_card]Fencing Ace[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Knight of Glory[/mtg_card]
3 [mtg_card]Nearheath Pilgrim[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Silverblade Paladin[/mtg_card]
1 [mtg_card]Wolfir Avenger[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Abundant Growth[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Ajani, Caller of the Pride[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Ethereal Armor[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Faith’s Shield[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Rancor[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Selesnya Charm[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Unflinching Courage[/mtg_card]


3 [mtg_card]Ground Seal[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Knight of Glory[/mtg_card]
4 [mtg_card]Loxodon Smiter[/mtg_card]
1 [mtg_card]Rest in Peace[/mtg_card]
2 [mtg_card]Riders of Gavony[/mtg_card]
3 [mtg_card]Sigarda, Host of Herons[/mtg_card]

Thoughts on the Deck: 

This is a nice, straight forward aggro deck that more or less exploits doublestrike. With four copies of [mtg_card]Silverblade Paladin[/mtg_card], as well as three [mtg_card]Fencing Ace[/mtg_card] and two [mtg_card]Ajani, Caller of the Pride[/mtg_card], this deck is looking to establish an early board presence, and then overwhelm the opponent with fast, double-striking damage. The only thing that scares me about this deck when it comes to the match up against the Green/Black control variant I am playing are the [mtg_card]Sigarda, Host of Herons[/mtg_card]. I’d need a successful [mtg_card]mutilate[/mtg_card] with five swamps in play to kill it, assuming it wasn’t enchanted, which, in all likely hood, she will be shortly after hitting the board. If she was popping up more often, or if I faced more hexproof decks, I would put two copies of [mtg_card]Glaring Spotlight[/mtg_card] into the sideboard. With the environment as it is, though, I don’t think that’s necessary.

Nice deck.  Nice job Agnara.

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