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Monopoly Millionaire Rules: How Do You Play Monopoly Millionaire?


Be the first to a million in this friendly game of capitalism.

Game type: Gameboard, Money, Trading, Competitive

Number of players: 2-4

Suggested age: 8+

Game Pieces

Gameboard, 22 deed cards, 12 movers in 4 sets, 22 fortune cards, 14 millionaire lifestyle cards, 14 chance cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice, money and tray, and 4 reminder cards.

Pregame Setup

Each player starts with 372k. That’s 2x of each bill.

Determine who will be the banker/property manager.

Determine who will play first by rolling the dice. Highest number goes first.

Each “mover” has a basic, normal, and advanced version. You start with the basic and place it on go but keep the other 2 near you (and out of play) as you might upgrade your mover during the game.

Each player gets 1 reminder card.

Shuffle the fortune cards and place them face down on each property space.

Shuffle the millionaire lifestyle cards and the chance cards separately and place them face down on their indicated spaces on the game board.

Playing the Game

On your turn, you roll the dice and move forward the number of spaces indicated. If you roll doubles then you may take another turn. If you roll 3 sets of doubles during 1 turn then you go to jail, without passing go, and your turn ends.

If you land on a property space with a fortune card, you take that card and follow the instructions on the card. If it says you can use it later, then you may keep it for later, otherwise it must be used now.

You also must either purchase the property you landed on or allow it to go to auction. If another player owns that property then you must pay the rent indicated on their property title card to that player that owns the property. Normal/basic property rents are doubled if that player owns the entire color group. If that player has houses or hotels, then you pay the rent for those instead. If the property is mortgaged then you pay nothing.

If you land or pass on go you may forgo 50k of your salary to upgrade your mover to the next level. You cannot skip levels and you cannot upgrade more than once per pass on go. If you decide not to upgrade it, then you collect your fully salary. You upgrade for better results on Millionaire lifestyle and chance cards.

Landing on the police “go to jail” in the corner space sends you to jail without passing go.

Landing on jail in the corner space is “just visiting.”

Landing on “Free parking” is a free space that does nothing.

Draw a Millionaire lifestyle or Chance card if you land on their respective spaces. Follow the instructions on the card. The stars represent the level of your movement token. 1 star is basic, 3 stars is normal, 5 is advanced.

Auctions: If a player starts the auction then bidding starts at 1k and continues until no other player wishes to bid. You may bid even if you didn’t originally purchase the property. Highest bid pays the bank and takes the property.

Houses/Hotels: Must be built only on properties you own the full color group for. You may build houses evenly on your properties. You cannot have 3 houses on one property if each property does not have 2 yet. You may build up to 4 houses on each property and then a final upgrade is a hotel, which then returns the 4 houses back to the bank. This action may be invoked by any player before the dice roll. The property card will indicate the cost to build a single house. If you need to sell a house, then you get half the value you paid. They must be sold evenly, just as they were built.

Jail: If you are sent to jail, and you are not “just visiting,” then you may pay 50k to get out, or try your luck with the dice. If you roll doubles, then you get out for free and move the number of spaces indicated, but you do not get another turn. If you paid to get out and roll doubles then you do get another turn. If you roll 3 times and still do not get a double, then on the third roll you pay 50k and move the number of spaces indicated on your last roll. Rents are still collected while you are in jail.

Mortgage: If you need to you may mortgage your properties for money back from the bank. If a property is mortgaged then it is flipped over, but still in your possession (you cannot collect rent from it). You must sell any houses or hotels on that property before you can mortgage it. To get your property back into play you must pay back the mortgage indicated on the back of the property card. You may trade/sell a mortgaged property to another player, but it stays mortgaged until or unless the new owner pays off the mortgage. You cannot build houses on a color group that has a single mortgaged property in it. This action may be invoked only if you need money.

Trade: Any player, at any time before the dice roll, may trade cash or property with another player. Initiate trades verbally.

Winning the Game

In this specific version of monopoly you do not have to bankrupt your friends, and instead win by reaching 1,000k (1 million).

Losing the Game

You can lose the game if you go bust/bankrupt. You are unable to pay another player or the bank and you have no way to raise any cash then you lose and are removed from the game. If a player bankrupted you then that player takes all of your remaining assets and cash.

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