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Milton Bradley Pig Pong Rules: How do you Play Pig Pong?

Pig Pong Rules:
First assemble the net and puff ball (scans of images depicting assembly from the official rules have been provided).

Pig Pong Net Assembly

Each player takes a pig and moves to opposite sides of the net. If you are playing doubles, team members will both be together on their side of the playing area. There are no rules variations for either head-to-head or team play.

Place the ball in the “serving trough” on top of the net. All players hold their pig up to the ball (facing it, but not above it). One player starts the round by saying “1-2-3-Oink!” After the oink, players squeeze their pigs at the ball until the ball is in play.

Pig Pong Puff Assembly

If the ball is on your side of the court, puff you pig at the ball to get it over the net onto the opponents side of the court. You can take as many puffs as you need, but don’t let the ball hit the ground.

There are two fouls that can occur: “Premature Pig Puffing” and “Court Hogging.”

“Premature Pig Puffing” is when a player blows their pig prior to the “Oink” squeal at the beginning of a round.

“Court Hogging” occurs if a player moves their pig over the net during a volley. Think of it as off-sides.

In the event of a foul, the ball is dead, and must be served again.

There are no side or rear boundaries—the only boundary is the net itself. Anytime the ball lands on the opponent’s side of playing area (or their side of the floor), you score a point. Keep track of your score using the sliding “Scoring Pig” on top of the net. Once a point has been scored, begin the next serve.

The first player or team to reach 11 points wins the game.

Tournament Rules:
The rules for tournament play are the same as the regular rules with the following exceptions:

The serve is performed by a single player. All pigs must have their hind sides on the playing surface. The serve is performed from this position. Two attempts are allowed before the serve goes to the opposing side.
Additional Foul—If a ball is blown out of bounds, it is considered a foul, and the serve must be restarted. Out of bounds is any space beyond the boundaries of the net.
Additional Foul—“Snouting”occurs when players use the pig to push the ball instead of blowing the ball by squeezing the pig.
Foul Rule Addition—If the serving side fouls, the serve is passed to the opposition. If the returning team fouls, the serving team scores a point.
Scoring—Only the servers can score a point. Points are scored when the opposition fouls or is unable to return the serve. The serve is lost whenever the serving team or player fouls or fails to return a volley.

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