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Mastermind Board Game Rules: How do you play Mastermind?

Mastermind is a two player code breaking game

Game type: head to head, puzzle solving
Number of players: 2
Suggested age: 8+

Game Pieces
6 (or more) sets of round colored guess pegs
2 sets of white and black answer pegs
1 plastic game board with peg holes
1 plastic cover for game board

Pregame Setup
Decide who will be the code breaker and the code maker.

Both players position themselves at the ends of the game board.
The code maker should have the “secret code area” on their side of the board and should use the plastic cover to hide their secret code using the colored pegs.

Playing the Game
Once the code maker has created the secret code, the code breaker may place any combination of colored guess pegs on the first line of 4 (or more) peg holes.

The code maker will use the white pegs, which indicate each peg that is a correct color but wrong position, or a black peg to indicate each peg is in a correct position and a right color. If neither are true, then no peg should be placed. The code maker may place these pegs in any order in the peg holes arranged in the square pattern next to the line of peg holes holding the guess pegs being answered.

The answer and guess pegs stay in their positions until the end of the game.

Play continues until the code is discovered or there are no remaining guesses.

Players swap roles and play another round.

Winning the Game
The player that used fewer guesses to discover their opponent’s code wins. If neither player was able to discover their opponent’s code, then the game ends in a draw.

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