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Lucky Ducks Board Game Rules: How To Play Lucky Ducks by Milton Bradley/Hasbro


This game has become a staple around my house now that my son is three years old. It’s a simple, color-matching game that can be played effectively at ages 3 and up. We did play this a few times when he was two, I believe, but I can’t remember how well he did at the color matching. If your toddler know’s their colors well, it shouldn’t matter that they are less than 3 years old.


Give each player a nest. The nests are different colors, and the color of the nest is the color that the player needs to find on the underside of their duck.

Place all 12 ducks at the center of the pond.

Press the button in the center of the duck pond. This turns on the motor, and the ducks spin around the pond.

Play begins with the youngest player and continues clockwise. The youngest player selects a duck from the moving pond. If the color on the bottom of the duck matches their nest, they have a match, and they place the duck on their nest.  If the color on the bottom of the duck does not match their nest, place the duck back onto the pond. Either way, their turn is over.

Continue play in this manner until a player finds all three of their ducks. The first player to fill their nest is the winner.

For a shorter game, you can play with only two ducks of each color.


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