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LCR Rules: How Do You Play the LCR Dice Game?

LCR Rules Overview:

LCR is a dice game played with a minimum of three players. It is a betting game where each player starts with three chips (or coins) and tries to win all of the chips on the table. Don’t expect strategy to help you here; LCR is a luck game dependent solely on the roll of the dice.

LCR Rules:

  • Give each player three chips, or have them reach into their pocket and pull out three quarters.
  • Determine who will roll first.
  • Roll one die for each chip you possess, up to three. L=pass a chip to the left, R=pass a chip to the right, C=put a chip in the center. If you roll a dot, you keep a chip.
  • Perform the actions indicated on all your dice, distributing or keeping chips as indicated above.
  • Play continues to the left until there is only one remaining player with chips. The last player with chips wins the pot in the center.
  • Players aren’t eliminated when they run out of chips because, as long as the game continues, chips might be passed to them.
  • Players do not roll dice if they do not have chips and may only roll one die per chip they possess, up to three total dice.

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