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King Of Tokyo Rules: How Do You Play King Of Tokyo?


Stomp through Tokyo in an effort to be the most destructive monster… or simply the last monster standing.

Game type: Competitive, Monsters, Dice

Number of players: 2-6

Suggested age: 8+

Game Pieces

1 Tokyo game board, 6 monster boards, 6 monster cardboard figures, 6 black dice, 2 green dice, 66 power cards, energy cubes, 12 shrink tokens, 12 poison tokens, 3 smoke tokens, and 1 mimic token.

Pregame Setup

Each player takes a monster board and figure. Each player sets the monster board to 0 victory points (blue star) and 10 health (red heart).

Shuffle the power cards and deal the first 3 face-up near the Tokyo game board within reach of the players.

Make sure players have easy access to the tokens, energy cubes, and dice.

Determine who goes first.

The Tokyo Bay is used in a game with 5 or more players and still counts as Tokyo. If the number of players in the game drops below 5 then Tokyo Bay closes instantly and the monster in it is moved into an empty Tokyo space or out of Tokyo.

All monsters start outside of Tokyo.

Playing the Game

At the beginning of your turn roll the 6 black dice. You may roll up to 3 times and you may keep dice between roles.

Once you are finished rolling you must resolve your 6 dice.

You gain victory points for any of the numbers in a set of 3 or more. You get the number value of the set plus 1 additional point for each extra matching number of that set of 3.

For example: if you roll 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 1 then you would get +2 points for the set of 3 2’s and then 1 extra point for the fourth 2.

You gain 1 energy cube per dice showing the lightning bolt.

You gain 1 life point per heart if you are outside of Tokyo. You do not gain any health from this roll if you are inside of Tokyo. You may still gain health with power cards. You cannot gain more than 10 health.

You deal 1 damage per clawed hand (smash) to all other monsters that are not in the same space as you.

For example: If you are in any part of Tokyo (including the bay as it is part of Tokyo), then you deal 1 damage to all monsters that are not in Tokyo. If you are not in Tokyo then you deal 1 damage to the monsters that are, including the bay.

Players may choose to Yield Tokyo after they have taken damage. Each clawed hand represents 1 damage. If a monster Yields Tokyo then it moves out of the Tokyo space, but still takes the 1 damage. If you roll more than one clawed hand then the monster may still yield while only taking 1 damage, or stay and continue taking damage. Monsters may only yield when taking damage from the “smash” roll.

If a monster runs out of life points, then they are eliminated from the game. Discard their energy and power cards.

Only one monster may occupy one of the two spaces in Tokyo at a time, but you must enter Tokyo if a space is open. You gain 1 victory point for entering Tokyo and gain 2 points for starting your turn in Tokyo.

You may now buy one or more power cards using your energy cubes. Spend as many energy cubes as indicated by one of the 3 face-up power cards. Purchased cards are replaced immediately and can then be purchased on that same turn. Players may repeat this action as many times during their turn as they have energy to do it.

Players may also spend 2 energy to sweep the 3 existing cards into the discard and draw 3 new ones which are then immediately available for purchase. Players may repeat this action as many times during their turn as they have energy to do it.

Resolve any effects from any cards at this point that activate at the end of your turn.

Turn ends and passes to the left.

Winning the Game

You must end your turn, alive, with 20 victory points or be the last monster remaining in the game. If you have 20 victory points but end up with 0 health by the end of your turn then you still lose the game.

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