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Kerplunk Rules: How Do You Play Kerplunk?


Undermine a foundation in the hopes that it fails on your opponents instead of you.

Game type: Dexterity, Tower

Number of players: 2-4

Suggested age: 5+

Game Pieces

Game base and tube with two caps, tube connector, 30 sticks, and 32 marbles.

Pregame Setup

Assemble the tube: the cup with a hole on the side of its bottom is the bottom tube, tube connector has a bunch of holes and connects to the center, the top cup has a hole in the center of its base and connects to the top side of the tube connector. Attach the assembled tube to the base.

Place sticks through tube connector. Place sticks through randomly so that they crisscross with each other. Once you have placed all of the sticks through the center, you should have a web to catch the marbles you drop in through the top center hole. If any happen to fall through your web then you must reload them at the top until all marbles are held up by the sticks.

Each player selects a numbered compartment to store the marbles that fall through the sticks on their turn.

Determine who will play first.

Playing the Game

During your turn, you must move the tower around to you so that the bottom hole is facing you. Try to move it slowly as not to disturb the marbles. The first stick you touch is the one you must remove. You may, with one hand, hold the tube to keep it steady. You must remove the stick completely.

Any marble that drops to the bottom part of the tube on your turn are added to your numbered compartment.

Any marble that drops before the next player touches the base, tower, or a stick counts for the previous player.

Winning the Game

When the last marble has dropped, the player with the least amount of marbles is declared the winner.


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