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Hungry Hungry Hippos Rules

Hungry Hungry Hippos Instructions
Though you probably weren’t aware of it, there are actually rules to your favorite marble-gobbling game. They’re easy rules, though, and you can feel free to modify them to suit the needs of your little hippos.

Depending on the age of your game, you may have a board that can be disassembled between use, which saves some space in the box, and isn’t as much trouble as you would guess because it’s actually rather hard to lose a hippo head. You should have 4 Hippo attachments, 4 Hippo Heads, 4 levers, and 20 marbles.

Beginner Rules:
There are two sets of rules for Hungry Hungry Hippos, beginner and advanced. Beginner’s rules require players to fill their marble release groove next to their hippo. Next select a player to go first, and then that player releases a single marble into play. When the marble is released, all players try to gobble it s with their hippos. Once it’s been thoroughly chow’d on, the next player (moving clockwise) releases a marble into play. Repeat this process until there are no more marbles left in the marble groove next to the hippos. The player who captured the most marbles wins.
Advanced Rules
The advanced rules are pretty much the game you are thinking of when you think Hungry Hungry Hippos. You simply have all players fill their marble grooves with five marbles, and then release them into play simultaneously. Start chomping, and don’t stop till you’ve got the fattest, fullest hippo. The player with the most marbles when none are left in play wins.

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