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Hot Potato Rules: How Do You Play Hot Potato?

Hot Potato Rules Overview:

Hot Potato is a game about throwing steaming vegetables to/at your friends. No, really, that’s all there is to it (more or less).

Hot Potato Rules

The Hot Potato rules do not actually require you to boil potatoes. Wikimedia Commons.

Set Up / Hot Potato Rules:

  • Gather four or more players.
  • Set up a device that is able to play music.
  • Select an object to throw. Balls, bean bags, and any variety of round fruits and vegetables will work. They don’t actually have to be hot, but it might be more fun if they are!
  • Clear the playing area.
  • Form a circle.
  • Start the music.
  • Toss the “Hot Potato” around the circle. Players should toss the “Hot Potato” as soon as they catch it, which will be easier to enforce if you first heat up the potato.
  • When a player drops the “Hot Potato,” they are out of the round.
  • Stop the music. According to the Hot Potato rules, the player holding the chosen object is out of the round.
  • Continue playing until only one player remains.

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