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Hi-Ho Cherry-O Rules

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O challenges you to be the first player to gather your crop of 10 cherries from your cherry tree and get them into your bucket. The game comes with 4 trees, 4 buckets, 40 cherries, and a spinner. Before the game begins, each player chooses their own cherry tree, 10 cherries, and a bucket. Put the 10 cherries on your tree and you’re ready to go.

Let’s Play

Hi-Ho Cherry-O Rules say that the first player to play is the youngest in the group and then play moves to the left. The first player spins and plays according to the spot the spinner lands on.

If the spinner lands on ONE CHERRY you pluck a cherry from your tree and put it right in your bucket. When the spinner lands on TWO CHERRIES you take two cherries off your tree and they go in the bucket. THREE CHERRIES means that three cherries are put in your bucket. Landing on FOUR CHERRIES prompts you to put four cherries into your bucket.

When you land on the BIRD or the DOG, Hi-Ho Cherry-O Rules tell you to remove two cherries from your bucket. The two cherries go back on your cherry tree. What if you only have one cherry in your bucket? In that case, the one cherry returns to the tree. If your bucket is already empty then you don’t need to do anything.

When the spinner lands on the SPILLED BUCKET . . . all of the cherries in your bucket have to be placed back on your cherry tree.

How Do You Win?

If you are the first player to get all 10 of your cherries into your bucket at one time you yell out, “Hi-Ho! Cherry-O.” You are the winner.

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