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Hearthstone Warlock Jaraxxus Control Deck 2.0

Revising Warlock Control

I have a hard time playing decks that I don’t create myself, even though I would consider myself a competitive player. While this leads to some successful innovations, it also can make it difficult to play competitively, especially if you have a limited amount of time for playtesting.


Walock Control Deck list

Still, I wanted to share my latest innovations to my Jaraxxus control deck with the Hearthstone community. My hope is, that for those of you entertaining the idea of a “Hand Lock” control deck, you will consider this as a possible alternative.

The Tweaks

This version has some substantial changes from the previous Jaraxxus Control 1.0 version posted about a month back. I think that this is a better version of the deck, in that it has better options for both rush down and control variants.

2x Corruption

2x Mortal Coil

1x Elven Archer

2x Voidwalker

2x Acidic Swamp Ooze

2x Ironbeak Owl

1x Drain Life

1x Sense Demons

2x Big Game Hunter

2x Hellfire

2x  Sen’jin Shieldmasta

2x Mogu’shan Warden

2x Stampeding Kodo

2x Siphon Soul

1x The Black Knight

2x Twisting Nether

1x Alexstraza

1x Lord Jaraxxus

Some Explanations

  • Dark Iron Dwarf–If you noticed this card in the image of the deck list, it is because I was testing it as a means of forcing the opponent’s minions power to seven or above to follow up with Big Game Hunter. I am still interested in this idea, and will likely try it in other decks that are more aggressive; however, I found that 2x Sin’jin Shieldmasta worked better with my build.
  • Stampeding Kodo–This card proves extremely valuable in both control and aggro match ups in that it gives both board presence and removal. I had originally only played one in the deck but found that the second one was warranted.
  • Sense Demons–It’s just tutor for Jaraxxus. This deck needs Jaraxxus for the win, and although I did have some luck running the deck without this card, I found myself too often at 9 or 10 mana with no Jaraxxus in hand, and thus no viable win condition. This helps with that problem.
  • Alexstraza–All of the lesser heals were removed in favor of this giant heal. When possible, save it to heal Jaraxxus.
  • Acidic Swamp Ooze–These replaced Harrison Jones. I found that Jones too often did little, and these can not only remove weapons but provide necessary board presence against aggro decks (especially Warlock aggro decks). Jones occasionally did work, but overall, I think the oozes are superior in this deck.
Calls for Help
I would like this deck to succeed, and I welcome any suggestions. I was able to get this deck to Rank 12 in the first live (non-beta) season, but I struggle against Hunter aggro and Druid control. It actually does fairly well against Warlock aggro decks, as well as “Hand Lock” decks, and it is highly favored in Paladin and Priest match ups.
What do you think? Can the deck be improved, or will it always be stuck at mid-tier?


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