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Greed Rules, Instructions, Directions for the Greed Dice Game

Greed Rules Overview:

Greed, also known as 10,000, is a dice game where each player competes to be the first to reach 10,000 points. Take risks, push the limit, and get greedy in this game designed for two or more players. All you need are six dice and a scorepad to play. You will find the full Greed rules below.

Starting the Game:

To start the game, you need two players (minimum) and six six-sided dice. Have all players roll a die to determine who goes first. The high roll starts the game with play continuing clockwise.

Play begins by the first player rolling all six dice, attempting to score 500 or more on their initial roll to “come in” to the game. If a score of 500 or more isn’t achieved in the player’s turn, they score no points for that turn. Once a player has scored their initial “come in” of 500 points, they add all points accumulated on subsequent turns to their score, even if they score less than 500 points in a turn.

If a player does not roll a scoring combination on their turn, their turn is over and play continues clockwise. If a player rolls a scoring combination, they can elect to take that score and add it to their running total, or they can get greedy and reroll to attempt gaining a higher score.

  • Players can choose to reroll all six dice, losing their initial score in the hopes of scoring a higher one.
  • Players can choose to save some of the dice already in a scoring position to attempt to make a higher score with the remaining dice. However, if a higher score isn’t achieved with the reroll, the player scores 0 for the turn.

Greed Scoring Rules:

  • 1=100 points
  • 5=50 points
  • 3 of a kind= 100 x the number on the dice (100 points for three 1’s, 500 points for three 5’s, etc.)
  • 4 of a kind= 1000 points
  • three pairs (can only be achieved on a single roll)= 1500 points.
  • A straight with all six dice (can only be achieved on a single roll)= 2000 points.
  • 5 of a kind= 2000 points.
  • 6 of a kind= 3000 points.

Greed Winning Rules:

The game ends when the first player reaches 10,000 or more points. Alternatively, you can allow all other players an additional turn once 10,000 points have been reached to attempt to beat the score.

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