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Gloomhaven Rules, Instructions, Directions: How Do You Play Gloomhaven?

Game Summary:

Gloomhaven is a tactical combat simulator that operates under a unified thematic element. In some ways, it is a deckbuilding game because you use an attack deck that can be modified over time. Combat uses the attack deck system and operates free of dice or dice rolls. Players continually develop the abilities of their armies by capturing loot tokens that allow for the purchase of in-game items. Characters progress on personal quests that further develop the thematic thread of the game. New character choices are unlocked over time through the development of your character and their move toward advancement/retirement.



Level characters in tactical combat scenarios, complete quests, and progress through the internal story arc.


1x Gloomhaven Rules

18x Character Miniatures

47x Monster Stat Sheets

24x Battle Goal Cards

50x Money Tokens

1x Scenario Book

17x Character Boards

6x Monster Stat Sleeves

24x Personal Quest Cards

46x Damage Tokens

9x Random Scenario Cards

10x Scenario Aid Tokens

1x Town Records Book

504x Character Ability Cards

150x Event Cards

40x Random Dungeon Cards

4x HP/XP Dials

12x Objective Tokens

1x Map Board

457x Attack Modifier Cards

253x Item Cards

240x Monster Standees

4x Player Reference Cards

17x Character Pads

30x 2-Sided Map Tiles

232x Monster Ability Cards

6x Wood Element Discs

32x Summon Tokens

1x Party Pad

155x 2-Sided Overlay Tiles

35x Character Tuck boxes

1x Element Infusion Board

60x Status Tokens

3x Sealed Envelopes

24x Plastic Stands

1x Round Tracker

85x Character Tokens

4x Sticker Sheets

Gloomhaven Rules: 

You will find links to the official Gloomhaven rules below.

Rule Book_2p V9.pdf

Rule Book_3p V2.pdf

Scenario Book_2p V4.pdf

Solo Scenarios_2p V2.pdf


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