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Gaia Project Rules, Directions, Instructions


Gaia Project is a game very similar to Terra Mystica. As in Terra Mystica, there are 14 races bound to 7 different environments (in this case, planets). Players must expand their territory by terraforming the surrounding planets to the types of environments their race can live in. There are two unique territory spaces in Gaia Project that are different than Terra Mystica. First, Gaia Planets, which can be colonized by any race. Second, Transdimensional Planets, which can be transformed into Gaia planets (making them colonizable by any race).

The game has a development wherein six different characteristics can be improved through play: Terraforming, Navigation, Artificial Intelligence, Gaiaforming, Research, and Economy. Developing these various technologies improves your race’s efficiency and yield of the connected resource, technology,  or navigability.

The game also contains a larger playing area (10 sectors) than Terra Mystica, so there is more variation in repeat play. The game is designed for 1-4 players age 12 and up. Playtime ranges from 60-150 minutes per session.

Gaia Project Contents:

  • 1x Gaia Project Rules
  • 10x Space Sector Tiles
  • 1x Research Board
  • 7x Faction Boards
  • 1x Scoring Board
  • 10x Scoring Tiles
  • 6x Final Scoring Tiles
  • 15x Advanced Tech Tiles
  • 10x Boosters
  • 36x Standard Tech Tiles
  • 6x Space Stations
  • 19x Federation Tokens
  • 12x Gaia Planet Tokens
  • 1x Lost Planet Token
  • 15x Record Tokens
  • 20x Action Tokens
  • 4x Player Aids
  • 1x Turn Order Card
  • 14x Credit Markers
  • 7x Ore Markers
  • 7x Knowledge Markers
  • 30x Quantum Intelligence Cubes
  • 50x Power Tokens
  • 1x Brainstone
  • 1x First Player Marker
  • 8x Mines
  • 4x Trading Stations
  • 3x Research Labs
  • 2x Academies
  • 1x Planetary Institute
  • 3x Gaiaformers
  • 7x Player Tokens
  • 25x Satellites

Automa Contents: 

  • 17x Decision Cards
  • 7x Faction Cards
  • 1x Terraforming Reference Card

Gaia Project Rules & Gaia Project Automa Rules:

You will find the pdf file for the Gaia Project rules in the link below. These are the official Gai Project rules provided by the manufacturer.


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