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Fruit Ninja Card Game Rules: How do you Play the Fruit Ninja Card Game?

The Fruit Ninja Card Game is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 5 and up. According to the Fruit Ninja Card Game Rules, players “cutting” (with super-awesome-ninja-swords) a deck of fruit-themed cards, compete to collect the most fruit to be declared the winner.

Special rules

Whenever you cut the cards, you should leave the bottom cards behind. Thus, when you continue to cut the cards, you’ll only cut the cards from the top, the ones you have in your hands.

Therefore, if you cut the deck too thin, you’ll not last long. Every time you cut the deck you shout “highya!”

How to play

  1. To start, shuffle the cards and position the deck face-down. The game entails cutting the deck and circulating it among the players.
  2. When it is your turn, cut the deck (Lift a section of the cards from the deck) and select the card you wish to take without looking at the face of the card.

You are allowed to decide to take the top card on the bottom half of the deck (which you can assess its riskiness from its color) or the bottom card from the cards in your hands (the top half) without looking at it!

Card colors

  • Green card are low reward/risk (has a single fruit)
  • Yellow cards signify moderate reward/risk (has 2 fruits)
  • Red cards are high reward/risk (has 5 fruits)

If the card you choose is a Fruit Card or a Power Banana Card, you can add it to the card bounty for that turn.

  1. Next, you can cut the deck again and select another card. You cut the deck of cards the number of times you want, but you have to be cautious not to draw a bomb, and hence must decide when to end your “cutting” turn before the bomb shows up.
  2. If you choose a bomb, your turn ends and you lose any fruit gathered from the turn according to the Fruit Ninja Card Game Rules.
  3. You can save any Power Banana or fruit cards by deciding to end the choosing before a bomb card shows up. The saved cards are yours and are counted towards achieving victory.

Power Banana Card Types

  • Steal 1 Fruit – Allows you allows you to pick one Fruit Card from a fellow player, which can’t be destroyed by a bomb.
  • Ignore One Bomb – Helps you ignore a bomb that rises when you draw a bomb card.
  • Take Another Turn – Allows you to cut the deck for another time even when the bomb has ended your turn.

Way of Winning according to Fruit Ninja Card Game Rules

  • Collect at least a single card of each of the seven fruit types.
  • Collect 25 fruits of any kind. Cards showing 2 or 5 pieces of fruit are counted as 2 and 5 respectively. Add the number on the cards you have chosen, and if the total is 25, you win – Fruit Ninja!


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