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Feed the Kitty Rules: How Do You Play Feed The Kitty?

Game Designer: Bob Bushnell

Russell Benfanti


Contents: Two Dice, 20 Wooden Mice, and a Kitty Bowl

Game Time and Players: Games take about 15 minutes and can support 2-5 players ages four and up.

Objective: Be the last remaining player with mice.

Game Play:

Distribute the wooden mice to all players in the following manner: Eight mice for two players, six mice for three players, five mice for four players, and four mice for five players. Place any left-over mice inside of the kitty’s bowl.

A Dice Game Sure To Please Everyone And the Cat

Have each player compare the size of their pinky fingers. The player with the shortest pinky goes first with play continuing to the left. On your turn, roll both dice and perform the associated actions.

Food Dish: Put a mouse in the kitty’s bowl
Arrow: Pass one mouse to the player on your left
Mouse: Take on mouse from the kitty’s bowl
Sleeping Cat: Do nothing.

For instance, if you had one arrow and one sleeping cat, you would pass one mouse to the player on your left for the arrow die, and do nothing for the sleeping kitty die.

Note, you can’t go negative on mice. If you have dice that would put you below one mouse, simply perform the action yielding your last mouse, and do nothing for the other associated die.

Players may only roll dice if they have any mice. As long as there is more than one player left with mice, you are still in the game because other players might pass you mice, in which case you’d be able to roll on your next turn.

Ending the Game:
The game ends if there is only one player left with mice. For a longer game, set a number of rounds before hand, noting the winner of each round, and then awarding the final victory to the player who won the greatest number of rounds.

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