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Family Fued Rules: How Do You Play Family Fued?


Compete against the computer or another player in a game where you guess the most popular survey answers the game show “Family Feud” produced at the time period in which it was recorded. Good luck.

Game type: Competitive, Electronic, Game show

Number of players: 1-2

Suggested age: 12+

Game Pieces

  • Book of prerecorded survey answers (600 normal, 1000 bonus questions) from the game show
  • Game cartridge
  • Electronic game board (made by Tiger electronics)
  • (note: different cartridges and survey answer books are available/sold separately)

Pregame Setup

After checking the 4 AA batteries, insert the game cartridge you wish to play with and then turn the unit on. You can press “Start” to skip the intro.

Place the survey book in the middle of the play area within view of the participating players. Both players will need to read from it at the same time.

Select either a 1 player or 2 player game. In a 1 player game, you play against the computer. Once the correct mode has been selected then press “Start” to begin the game. Note: the 90-second game timer will start after you press start.

Playing the Game

When the game starts it will present a “question no.” on the LCD display. The number represents the survey questions you should be using from the survey book. Quickly turn to that page and read the question.

Hit your buzzer (big circle button) once you think you have determined the top answer to that survey question. The first player to hit the buzzer gets to answer first. If that answer is wrong, then the second player gets to guess. The LCD will indicate which player buzzed in.

If you are playing a single player game then the computer will play in place of the second player, but it cannot buzz in. Instead, the game flips a coin to determine who goes first after you select the answer that you think is correct.

Your answer is entered with the number pad and then press “Start” to confirm. Time is of the essence; only 5 seconds are given to submit your answer. If you don’t answer in time, then its the next players turn to try to answer. You may press clear if you input the wrong answer as long as you haven’t pressed “Start” to confirm your answer, but the timer will continue.

If neither player responds within the 90 seconds then the game will flip a virtual coin to decide who will try to answer the survey board first.

If you answered the first question correctly, and your answer was the best answer, then you move on to try to answer the rest of the survey board within 30 seconds. Each time you enter an incorrect answer the game will make a “razz” sound at you and give you a “strike.” Three strikes and you’re out. Strikes are represented by the “X” on the LCD.

You continue to guess until you have answered all of the survey questions or you have received 3 strikes. If you got all of the answers correct, then the round is over. If you failed to answer them all correctly then your opponent has a chance to answer.

If your opponent also strikes out then the initial player to win the initial question wins that round. If your opponent answers the remaining survey questions correctly then they will win that round.

The winner of that round gets all of the points from the answered questions during that round.

LCD display will then show the scores of each player and wait for a player to press “Start” to begin round 2. Players may also press “next” instead of start for the next question in order instead of a random selection.

Round 2 plays the same as Round 1, except in a single player game the loser of the previous round gets to guess first.

The winner of round 2 gets the points from all of the correct answers on the board and then multiplies it by 2. The game will show the cumulative total from both rounds.

Round 3 starts by pressing “Start” or “Next” and continues the same as round 2 and 1 except you are only supposed to answer the top 4 from the top 15 survey responses.

The winner of round 3 collects all of the points from that round and multiplies that sum by 3.

The player with the highest cumulative score from all 3 rounds goes onto the bonus round. If the computer wins the bonus round then the game ends without playing the round. The bonus round has 5 consecutive answers, and each answer has 5 responses. Guess the top answer for each response to win the bonus round.

The LCD will indicate which player is playing the bonus round, and it will indicate which question to turn to in the survey book after that player presses “Start.” The player has 90 seconds to answer all five questions.

After you input your answer, the next question will be displayed automatically. They will be in order, so you’ll only have to look up the first question.

Answers on the bonus round are tallied and then multiplied by 10. If that tally (before being multiplied) is over 100 points then that player receives an additional 10,000 points added to the final score.

Winning the Game

End the game with more points than your opponent. You can start a new game by pressing “Start.”

Other notes: the reset button on the game can be pressed with a ballpoint pen. If you do so, then it fully resets the game and wipes any scores or records it was keeping, including survey questions that were already used.

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