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Don’t Wake Daddy Rules: How do you Play Don’t Wake Daddy?

Playing Don’t Wake Daddy is always fun, especially when you follow the Don’t Wake Daddy Rules. The object of the game is simple (and one you might have practiced as a kid): you need to sneak out from your bed and make it to the refrigerator before you make too much noise and wake Daddy from his slumber.

Setting Up

Place Daddy in his bed with his nightcap, and make sure he is pressed down. Have each player pick a game piece and place each piece in the matching bed at the start of the board. After shuffling all of the cards, deal them to each player. Everyone should have an equal amount of cards; if there are three players place one card on the side and the numbered space associated with the card will be a safe space.

Starting Out

The youngest player is the first to play and the gameplay continues with the person on his left. At the start of each turn, the player spins the spinner. After spinning, each player moves his piece to the first corresponding color. If you get a purple star, you move your piece to the space in front of the board leader. If there are no pieces on the board and you get the purple star, you move to the first spot.

Pictures and Numbers

Some spots have pictures and numbers. Landing on a spot with a number means that you need to press on Daddy’s alarm clock the same number of times, unless you have a card that matches the number. If this is the case, you are safe and your turn is over.

Waking Daddy

When you press the alarm, Daddy might wake up. When Daddy wakes, collect the matching card from any player who has it and get back to the start in your own bed.

The End

When you get towards the end of the track, you may spin a color that is no longer on the board. If this happens, you go to the rainbow. The rainbow refrigerator is your goal, and the first player to reach here by following the Don’t Wake Daddy Rules is the winner of the game.

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