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Don’t Spill the Beans Rules

Don’t Spill the Beans is a dexterity game for children 5 and up. The game contents include a bean pot with lid, bunch of tiny plastic beans, a playing area on which you place the bean pot, and four trays to hold your beans.

Starting the Game:

Remove the lid to the bean pot, spill the beans onto your playing area, and replace the lid on the pot. Place the bean pot onto the playing area. Divide the beans evenly between all players. The player who receives the last bean goes first.


Players take turns dropping a single bean onto the bean pot. Since the pot hangs slightly above the play area by its handles, the balance shifts with each additional bean, eventually causing a spill. When the beans fall, the player who tipped the pot adds the spilled beans to their tray. Play continues until someone runs out of beans. The player who runs out of beans first is the winner.

This is a great game, and while it is recommended for ages 5 and up, I have played with my toddler with some success. Of course, he didn’t follow the rules, but he had a great time spilling the beans. There is a tremendous amount of “uh-oh” in this game that makes it amusing for kids. When your kids are too old for spilling beans, try the Topple Board Game for a more grown up version of the same concept.


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