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Dixit Rules: How do you Play Dixit?

Dixit Rules:

Dixit is a charades-like game where each player attempts to guess another player’s card based on a single clue.

Game type: creative, cards, simple, abstract
Number of players: 3-6
Suggested age: young teen-adult

Game pieces:
84 picture cards
36 voting tokens; 6 colors sequentially numbered 1-6
6 colored game pieces to match voting tokens

Pregame Setup

Note: three player game mode has slightly modified rules.
each player takes their colored game pieces and places it on the starting spot on the scoreboard. Shuffle the deck of cards and deal 6 to each player, face down. Place the remaining cards in the center where everyone can reach to form the draw pile.

If playing with 3 players, then deal 7 cards instead of 6

Each player takes voting tokens varying based on the number of players in the game:
3 players = 1-5 numbered tokens
4 players = 1-4 numbered tokens
5 players = 1-5 numbered tokens
6 players = 1-6 numbered tokens

Playing the Game
Players review their cards, choose one, and attempt to think of a clue to describe it to other players. You want this clue to be slightly elusive, but not too elusive, and you will need to explain why you chose your hint after everyone votes.

To determine who becomes the “active player” first, each player looks at their cards and the first one to think of a clue for their card and declare that they wish to be the active player should go first. Play proceeds left to that player for every turn after the first. The active player does not reveal their card, only the hint.

Each player then looks at their own hand and selects a card that reminds them best of the hint that the active player gave and gives that card to the active player, face down.

The active player then shuffles the new cards in with his own and places them in any order on the numbered score board being sure to include his chosen card and not to exceed the final sequential number of the voting tokens being used.

Each player then places a face-down voting token to match the number of the slot that they think is most likely the active player’s card.

Once all votes have been cast then the active player reveals their true card, and then everyone reveals their votes.

Each player is scored and then each player refills their hand back to what they were originally dealt. The next active player is to the left of the last active player.

Scoring and Winning the Game
Once the votes are revealed, each player is scored on the following criteria:

If all players successfully detected the active player’s true card then the active player receives 0 points, and the other players all receive 2 points.

If no players find the active players true card then the active player again gets 0 points, but the other players get 2 points +1 point per vote for their own card.

If at least one, but not all players, voted for the active player’s true card then the active player recieves 3 points, and the players who found the card also receive 3 points and 1 additional point for each vote for their own card, while the remaining players would receive 0 points if their card was voted for.

Each player that scored points for that round will move their playing piece forward along the score board the exact number of spaces that they scored as points.

The first player to reach the end of the scoreboard by scoring 30 points in total wins the game.

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