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Crocodile Dentist Rules, Instructions, Directions

Crocodile Dentist Rules Overview: Take turns tempting fate by sticking your hand into the mouth of a crocodile in need of some dental work. When you get chomped, you’re out of the game!

Crocodile Dentist Rules:

  • Crack open the crocodile’s mouth.
  • Youngest player goes first.
  • If you have the old version of the game, you will remove a single tooth from the mouth of the crocodile with the pair of tweezers included with the game. Play will then move on to the next player.
  • If you have the new version of the game, simply press on a single tooth. Play moves on to the next player.
  • If the crocodile chomps your hand, you are out of the game. Reset the crocodile and continue playing until only one player remains.

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