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Cranium Brain Break Rules, Instructions, Directions

Overview of Cranium Brain Break Rules:

Cranium Brain Break is a fast-paced problem-solving game that can be played cooperatively or in teams. The game includes 100 cards, six Cranium cubes, a die,  a timer, a notepad, and modeling clay. Players take turns drawing cards and completing the activities listed on the cards. Depending on the mode of play, you either work together with all players (co-op) or with your team.

Cranium Brain Break Rules:

  • Set out all game materials and select the player with the nearest upcoming birthday to go first.
  • The first player draws a card and selects a task and reads it out loud to the group.
  • Players work together to complete the task before the timer runs out.

Winning Crainum Brain Break:

In co-op play, players win the game by completing four tasks successfully in a row. For team play, each team draws five cards (each card contains two tasks) and the first team to complete at least seven tasks successfully with a two point lead over the other team wins.

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