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Cootie Game Rules: How do you Play Cootie?

Cootie Game Rules

Cootie is a fun family game where you must assemble your bug to win.


Be the first person to fully assemble your cootie bug.

Set Up

Place the Cootie board on a flat service.  Put each of the Cootie pieces on the matching picture on the Cootie board.


Each dot on the die represents a different part of the Cootie bug.

1 = Body, 2 = Head, 3 = Antennae, hat, or bow

4 = Eye, 5 = Tongue, teeth, or lips, 6 = any leg


To determine who will go first, roll the dice.  The player with the highest roll will go first.

You must obtain a body first and then a head per the Cootie game rules.  After the body and head are obtained, you may choose the remaining Cootie pieces in any order. 

On your turn roll the die.  If you roll a 1 choose a body.  If you do not roll a 1 your turn is over.  This continues until you obtain a body.

Once you have a body, you must get a head.  On each subsequent turn you will roll the dice at the beginning of your turn.  If you get a 2 you may chose a head.  If you do not roll a two your turn is over.

Once the head and body are obtained, you will roll the dice on the beginning of each turn and select the corresponding Cootie piece.  If you roll a number for a Cootie piece that your Cootie does not need your turn is over.

Each time you are successful in rolling the correct number for a Cootie piece that you need, you get a free roll to try for another body part.


To win you must be the first person to successfully complete your Cootie bug.  For your Cootie bug to be complete it must have a body, a head, one eye piece, one head piece (an antennae, hat, or bow), one mouth piece (a tongue, teeth, or lips), and 6 legs.

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