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Clue Jr. Rules: How Do You Play Clue Junior?


Visit rooms in a mansion to be the first detective to find the missing child and their pet.

Game type: Dice, Guessing, Process of elimination

Number of players: 2-4

Suggested age: 5-7

Game Pieces

Gameboard (game box), 4 game mystery cards, 4 player tokens, and detective notes pad. Remaining parts/components are internal/in the game board/mechanical to prevent them from getting lost and to make the game more interactive than its Clue counterpart.

Pregame Setup

Each player finds a pencil and takes one detective note from the pad and selects a token they wish to play with. Place that token on the start space matching the color of their token.

Check to make sure the blue clue-revealer door is closed.

Put the 4 game cards into the game case in any order. Each card has 2 mysteries on each side which allows for a total of 16 possible combinations between the 4 cards.

Youngest player goes first.

Playing the Game

Spin the spinner and move the number of spaces indicated. You may move in any direction. If another player is on the ending space that you would land on, then you may move one space passed them. You do not need an exact count to stop on a rug.

If the spinner landed on a magnifying glass instead of a number then you may move to any open keyhole on the board and check its clue. Leave your token in the keyhole, your turn is over.

Turns pass to the left.

If you land on a rug then you may place your token into the keyhole to open that door and check off the clue (either pet or person or both). Try not to show anyone else this clue. Your token stays in the keyhole until the beginning of your next turn.

If another player wishes to use that keyhole for their turn then they must wait until their next turn to use it. They do not need to spin the wheel for this action.

If your token lands on a secret passage, then it follows that passage to any other secret passage on the board.

Winning the Game

You win the game after you have crossed off every room except one, every pet except one, and every kid except one. The remaining room, pet, and kid indicate your guess. Announce to everyone that you wish to make your guess and reveal your detective pad with the 3 open spaces that indicate your guess.

Reveal the answer behind the blue-revealer door to yourself. Only reveal the answer to other players if you were correct. If you are wrong then you are removed from the game.

Play ends when someone solves the mystery.

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